Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taipei - you touched my heart! - Taipei and Tamsui District street view

Followed by my previous two posts of "Taipei - you touched my heart!", I'd like to share some pictures of Taipei.

Taipei street view

Mopeds are very popular in Taipei

Night market - visiting Taipei's many night markets is one of the most fun things to do in the city.  There are several night markets in the city limits.  And usually they stay open well after midnight.  You can find food, street fashion and even fortune tellers there. 

Taipei 101 - the tallest building in Taipei.  Because Taipei is in an earthquake zone, it is very special for Taipei people to have a skyscraper.  And also according to the local people, the building was designed under strict feng shui rules.

Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall

Ximending - as a fashionista, I love Ximending.  I saw a lot of Taiwan local fashion trends.  Though it is not my personal style, I do appreciate their looks and creativity.  I will show a few pictures of local Taipei fashion in my next blog post.

Tamsui District - Steve wished to go to Tamsui, an area northwest of Taipei where the Tamsui River meets the Taiwan Strait and home to some interesting European colonial history and several universities.   When he lived in Taipei 20 years ago, there was no subway.  It would take him a couple of hours each way on buses to go to Tamsui, so he had never been there.  This time, the convenient Taipei Metro took us to Tamsui from Taipei downtown within 30 minutes.  Here we are:

Statue of George Leslie Mackay

Can you see the pigs hanging around outside this restaurant.  I just found it is hilarious.  I guess those pigs are the pets for this family.

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