Monday, October 8, 2012

Seasonless Style Made Simple

This time of year is tricky to dress for, even though stores and magazines would have us think otherwise.  Many of us are still in summer mode, and rightfully so - while temperatures can vary widely, there are still enough warm days that it's still a bit early to say goodbye to summer clothing.  So how do you begin to migrate your closet (and your state of mind) to fall?  Here are some tips I’ve learned on how to make a smooth and stylish transition.

Take Cover - A good rule when transitioning into fall is to always have at least one part of your body covered, whether it is your legs or your shoulders.  Try pairing a summer dress, skirt, or even heavier fabric shorts with darker hosiery to give off a sleek, fall effect.  Alternatively, cardigans, or blazers easily take your sleeveless tops or dresses into fall, and can be added or subtracted as needed.  

Embrace the Dark Side - By all means, keep wearing your summer whites and creams as long as temperatures permit, but pair with darker neutrals or one of this fall's colors.  For a list of fashion's favorite hues of the season, check out Pantone's Fashion Color Report here.

Accessorized and Dangerous -  Balance is the key concept with accessorizing.  If you wear a sundress, opt for chunky statement jewelry.   Also, don't forget to swap out your handbag.   It is time for us to say goodbye to straw and canvas bags, and hello to embossed leather and suede!  The addition of a lightweight scarf - especially one showcasing this season's prints - is another great way to embrace the new season. And why not give a nod to the menswear trend and top off your look with a fedora?

It's a Shoe In - Sandals are still fine at this time of year, as long they have more coverage and 'visual' weight than a strappy summer sandal.   With summer skirts and dresses, why not try a shoe with one of this fall's chunkier heels, or even an updated ankle bootie?  Similarly, your summer capris will find new life this season when teamed with an oxford or 'slipper' flat.

Let's Make Up - It's a good time to transition to fall makeup shades, but the switch doesn't have to be drastic.  Simple adjustments like opting for tawnier shades can make all the difference.  Swap your sheer summer lip gloss with a creamy lipstick formula.  And don't forget about your nails!  Exchange summer shades of aqua and mint green for a burgundy, purple, or deep red.

Quicker than you can say "fall fashion," cooler days and nights will soon be upon us.  Until then, continue to enjoy your favorite summer items - albeit in a fall-friendly kind of way.

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  1. I've always liked men's neckwear but have never properly learned to tie either a bow tie or a regular neck tie. Also, I like the fedora idea. Slouch hats look good, too, in my opinion. I would really love to wear big, chunky scarves, but the Austin weather is just never cold enough for me.