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Penang Malaysia - hotel and city street view

Speaking of Malaysia, I have never put this country high on the list of places that I want to go. 10 years ago, I went to Kuala Lumpur on business for a week. That city did not leave me much impression.  I just remembered that I stayed in a very nice place - Nikko Hotel, and ate papaya every day and I lost some weight by the end of the trip.  Nikko Hotel is very close to the Twin Towers. Every evening, I would walk to shop in the mall at the Twin Towers , in fact, there was nothing for me to buy.  I remembered there was one decent department store named Parkson. I also remembered that we went to a beach and did ​​team building there, the beach was gray and yellow. From that trip, all I remembered was the Twin Towers, the rest was chaos.

But my husband had a good impression of Malaysia, he went to Tioman Island one time.

In Steve's memory, Malaysia is a beautiful country with delicious food and low price.  So, you see, we have very different views about Malaysia.

In recent years, I have read in the magazines, with only $100,000 initial investment, one can immigrate to Malaysia.  Malaysia is so close to Singapore, but the investment immirgration baseline is huge,  we have been very curious. This time when we decided to visit Asia, my husband proposed to go to Penang to have a look.  I saw the Penang location on the map, thinking it is very close to the beach.  I agreed without thinking too much. 
Air tickets
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We went on Trip Advisor, and saw two highest ranked hotels in Penang, one is Shangri-La, which is a resort hotel right on the beachcost $350 per night. The other is Yeng Keng Hotel, ranked #1 on Trip Advisor, and cost only $99 per night. My husband asked where I want to stay, as frugal as I am, my first reaction was I want to stay in Yeng Keng Hotel.

After we reached our destination, I found Yeng Keng Hotel has a Chinese name (燕京旅社),  is a 20-room restored heritage boutique hotel located in one of the oldest surviving and intact 19th century buildings at the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage City of George Town, Penang. Like many of the other buildings in the neighbourhood, it was originally built in the mid 1800's as a private residence.  In 1897 trustees of a Cantonese Club bought the building, later donating it to the trustees of the Straits Chinese Building Association in 1939. The building was later leased to Yeng Keng Hotel.



Penang is called Pulau Pinang in Malay, this is because the early planted betel nut trees derived from this name on the island. August 11, 1786, representatives of the British East India Company, Captain Francis Light, obtained the Penang Island and named it as the Prince of Wales Island , and named its land as George Town, and later became the capital of Penang. Penang thus become the first British colony in the Far East trade freeport.

Penang is a multicultural city, it has some western style, the flavor of India, the impact of Chinese, but also contains some modern architecture.

Street view

Little India

Hindu temple
Muslim temple

Chinese house

Colonial style building

Modern oceanwalk

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