Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Penang Malaysia - food!

I love food!

Yeng Keng Hotel's location is awesome.  There are many places to eat in the nearby area.  Before we left for Penang, many of our friends told us hawker food there is very nice.

Heh,heh, let me show you what we had:

Fried fish head noodle soup

Fujian noodle

Purple juice - freshly squeezed dragon fruit juice

She is making Chao Ke Tiao for me!

The best Hainan Chicken Rice I've ever had!! The chicken is juicy, tender yet not oily.  The sauce is spicy yet does not burn.  The rice boasts flavor of coconut and chicken.  The boss also added a couple pieces of roasted chicken for me to try. The roasted chicken was just as delicious as the Hainan chicken!  

Tek Sen Restaurant makes decent food too. We had Sambal Veggies, fish with celery, eggplant with red sauce (酱烧茄子), and Fish with red sauce (红烧鱼)

Grass juice: Steve did not like it.  I think it was fine.  Just as its name, it has fresh and grassy taste.

I watched a bunch of travel food shows, and many of them mentioned this curry fish head and I always wanted to try.  However, my stomach could not take any more. 

Indian food:Kapitan Restaurant : Fish and Vegetable Biryani

Indian dessert.  I guess it is super sweet.  I did not have room to taste it.  - well I guess I don't regret not having it.

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