Friday, May 25, 2012

Singapore = Wonderland? - food!

I love watching travel food shows, and I am a fan of Anthony Bourdain.  Most advanced foodies think Taipei and Singapore are the best food towns in Asia, and many of them relentlessly debate which city has better food.  I went to both places this trip.  I have my own views.  Let's look at food in Singapore first. 

As I mentioned before, Singapore hawker food has the world's best management and business model.  They are usually in large scale, and offer huge variety in a clean, orderly and convenient environment.  Not only there is competition between stall owners, but also there is cooperation and complementary services.

Vegetable and fruit market

Indian and muslim snacks - I did not have room to try

Vegetarian food - I did not have room to try either

Fresh fish market

Check out the desserts at McDonald's in Singapore!! They also sell TIRAMISU MCFLURRY! We had one, it was delicious!

Fresh handmade soup dumplings by Din Tai Fung

Steamed cupcakes! - less fat, better taste!

Cold Poached Chocolate - it looks beautiful, I did not have room to try

We had the following in Singpore!

Charcoal roasted chicken wings

Sambal veggie

This is Burmese food.  It is quite fresh, with a little bit spicy and peanut flavor

Famous Singaporean icecream sandwich. And yes, icecream with a slice of bread.  I was talked into getting the durian flavor by the owner (honestly I felt my mouth was kind of stinky afterwards).   I should have ordered taro flavor. 

Laska noodle! You know it is good when you see Steve's happy face.

My veggie noodle soup, fresh and light!

Steve's turnip cake, and my steamed chicken feet (well, I am Chinese indeed) .

We found this place nearby our hotel

Steve had Indonesian food

I had Hainan Chicken Rice, it was not as good as the one in Penang

Steve visited Singapore 20 years ago, and ate at this place.  He still remembered how good it was.

The best dosa I've ever had.  I felt like I had an aroma explosion. It has green, red, and yellow curry sauce, coconut sauce and yogurt.  All the spice and fresh ingridents blend in my mouth perfectly, I would not know how it would work otherwise. 

Since we visited Taipei, we are emotionally connected to food here.  We found this Taiwanese chain restaurant in Singapore.  I tried traditional Taiwanese food oyster noodle, it was delicious

Steve ordered rice cake soup.

Potato leaves stir fried with spicy sauce

We found another "old time good restaurant" Hong Kong Cafe - Xin Wang Cafe
Steve ordered peanut butter French toast - oh boy, it was good!

My shaved ice with coffee and grass jelly flavor (I know, it sounds very Chinesey! )

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